The soft-spoken singer/rapper from Lennox, CA is next up in Hip-Hop, sprinting for the charts, leaving a wake of sexy trap-soul, real street hip-hop, and Spanish pop vibes in her wake. 

Her first singles out have already sparked widespread curiosity. “Say my name” gave fans, who call themselves the “GG Gang”, Aaliyah vibes with soft vocals and subtle, yet very present sex-appeal. “The Last Love”, a passionate, romantic Spanish hit, proved that Jiana is keen on making her irrevocable mark on both the English and Spanish music charts. But fans of Hip-hop and street culture, especially those from her neighborhood found “Testing Grounds”, an honest and forward track about financial and cultural struggle, to be Jiana’s key to the city.

Jiana grew up moving back and forth between Mexico and the U.S., living with different family members. On her own at age 15, she began recording hooks and verses for West Coast rap songs, linking with various artists through YouTube who liked her voice. She began performing live at 17 years old, and was offered to go on tour, opening for Latino artists.

Jiana is currently planning to shoot a music video with Wizzle Nation for their fresh new single. 

She is also working on finishing her debut EP scheduled to release in 2020.